Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yay I love J. Crew. They are so nice. The dresses are ordered! Lets hope they are the right color...cause I think they are stunning! And my girls are going to look so beautiful. :D

As for the guys...if we choose to go with this dress we can go to a tie shop and get the ties matched to the dresses. Oh boy I can't wait! 4-7 business days!

School starts tomorrow.

#10 So excited!

So I called J. Crew and boy are they helpful and nice! I was going to order some swatches of the "sour lemon" but it turns out since the dress is part of the Weddings and Parties collection you can return them even if they are on sale - you just have to make sure you call and ask them to make a note. YAY! So I'm ordering 3 today and if the color is correct - WONDERFUL! If not, no money lost.

Also, I asked the lady to describe the yellow to be and she said "It's a really good yellow. Not too light, and not to bright." She told me it's not gold, mustard, or pastel. Maybe we'll get lucky???

Crossing my fingers.

#9 The Dress Round II

Okay here I am again with a new dress. Unfortunately the ones I was planning on using showed up and they were florescent yellow - no joke. Oh well, hopefully some good Ebayers will go for it.

Now...this is another J. Crew dress and it is a different color. This one is called "sour lemon" unlike the "citrus lime" that the other one was. These too are on sale: originally $250 in the weddings and parties department and now only $129.99.

So I'm debating. I'm calling J. Crew tomorrow and asking a little more about this color because this isn't something I'll buy on an impulse - too much money for that! 

I'm also feeling partly in a crunch if I really do want to get yellow dresses. All of the Fall lines are out and there are no yellow dresses anywhere. I could wait until next Spring but that makes me a little nervous. Plus...when I saw this was on sale I got really excited because I've thought it was adorable from the get go earlier this Spring. Not to mention...I think it matches my dress better than anything I've been considering yet!

Anyway...comments are always appreciated. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

#8 The Album

So I was going through endless blogs today and spent some time on Brooklyn Bride and found something amazing! See, the boy and I hired these super fun and talented photographers Ray and Erica Tisdale of 35atl. The package they offer is a sweet deal and we get all of our photo high-res images to do anything we want with! This way, we'll save money by not spending thousands on an album. Anyway, I've been keeping my eyes open for a sweet deal and then I found this! Blurb is a bookmaking company that has a great set-up. You download their free program, design your book any way you like, upload it, and they print it. Soft cover, hard cover with a sleeve, or hard cover with image wrap (yay!). So Brooklyn Bride had some ordered and loved them. From what I've researched - everyone seems to love them and their quality! Coffee table wedding album here we come!

So I know this is really far in advance but I'm excited to find something I'm so pleased with that also allows me to use my design skills. ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

#7 The bridesmaid's dress

What a steal! $28 a piece for beautiful J. Crew dresses. They were on sale and when I checked today there was an additional 30% off! Yay! Anyway,  I think they are adorable and if they don't work out no biggie. But I couldn't pass up the opportunity in case they worked. :D

J Crew dress link

The dresses are yellow. The colors are more vibrant on the website.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

#6 I'm off

I'm visiting some family and friends in Oregon this week so I'll be away. Thought I'd leave you with some eye candy I like. Enjoy! Click on the photo to make it bigger. :D