Sunday, February 22, 2009

#81 Yay Caterer

FINALLY! We have a caterer. Jonathan deserves all of the credit. I totally handed him this job and he was fabulous and amazing. He did it without one hesitation and I'm so so thankful. :D

He name is Merrilee Jacobs. She, her sister, and her mother all own this vegan frozen food business called the "3 Hot Tamales."

She has catered many weddings, including Miss Little Debbie herself, and Little Debbie's brother. Anyway I'm really thrilled. She is so on top of things. She even called Nancy, the lady who runs the Fillauer Lake House and met with her to see the venue and set up. The fact that she did that just makes me even more confident that she will do a great job.

Yummy food here we come!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

#80 Birthday!


[image courtesy of flickr]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

#79 Caterer update

Ugh. Catering. I think it's never-ending.

I may just be feeling lazy, but we talking to someone who we think would do a really fabulous job. She is more expensive that our original lady, but then again the original lady was giving us a steal of a deal.

Jonathan and I feel like just going with this new lady and not looking around anymore. She knows what she is doing and is really nice to work with.

Time is of essence and school is taking over my life. Jonathan can work on catering, but there are also lots of other wedding things to be doing. Should we just go with our gut feeling or look around more, or is that being lazy? Does anyone know what the going rate of a dinner wedding, buffet style meal?

#78 Lemon ideas

I keep going back and forth with center piece ideas. I think I'm just going to have a variety of yellow things (vases, lemons, etc.). Right now I'm loving these tin buckets with lemons and yellow roses sicking out of them. See in this photo...

I also really love this - how neat is that! A plate filled with lemons stacked up. I even thought about referring to this post and making some cake stands and putting a lemon tower on them. Anyway, here is a visual for that.

Monday, February 16, 2009

#77 This week

I just need to type it all out and maybe it will help me sleep better.

1. Literature review
2. Contemporary Art exam
3. Read book and write book report
4. Figure out which letters to the editor to publish (I have like ten, and they won't stop coming. Ugh.)
5. Edit the Accent, then publish it
6. Finish & order invitations
7. Order photos to put in invitations
8. Buy a pretty pen to address invitations (I guess I can do this later.)
9. Find a caterer or two and compare prices
10. Turn 21 (yay!)
11. Go to work Friday
12. Sleep Friday night (finally) and greet at church Saturday morning.

And...Sunday will be a new week of to do's, but then it's spring break! 

Here is a photo to keep me going: I LOVE it.

Thanks for listening!

[image source unknown]

#76 Days counting

Only 90 more days until we are hitched! Woooooweeeeee! I'm excited.

Here's a fun photo to reminisce about:

It brings back fun memories. This was taken 2 years ago on a snowy day in February in Tennessee. :) I love you Jonathan!

Monday, February 9, 2009

#75 Caterer canceled

I've been trying for weeks to get a hold of my caterer. Remember, the yummy food one that was going to work with my budget? Well...apperently she had been avoiding my calls and avoiding calling me back because she was afraid I was going to be upset — she has to cancel because she can't dedicate enough time to it right now.


Why couldn't she of told me this MONTHS ago?! Now I feel like I need to scramble. Finding a caterer 3 months before a May wedding in TN! (It's the best months for weddings in TN. I guess my only advantage is that we are having a Sunday wedding). Thankfully Jonathan is wonderful and is going to take care of the catering/food for me because school this semester is insane. I had NO idea it would be this much work/take up so much time. All I really want to do it look at pretty wedding pictures. :)

Hopefully the food will look like this...

If it doesn't it's ok, but isn't it pretty?

[image source unknown]

Sunday, February 8, 2009

#74 Love it

I know I haven't been blogging and I know that really don't have time to...but I saw these photos and I fell in love. It's almost everything I've been envisioning. Can I make it happen?? :)

[images via snippet&ink]

Sunday, February 1, 2009

#73 More things done...

I'm a little sad that I can't blog as much as I'd like to. There are so many fun things happening with the wedding that I want to share but I can't seem to find many spare moments.

Anyway, long story short, last Friday was very successful.
  1. Kaitlin and Kate got their dresses fitted by Mormor :)
  2. I gave them lots of things to do because I realized I don't have much spare time - thanks girls.
  3. Jonathan and I found and purchased my wedding band! Boy is it I have to wait till May? :P
  4. A couple weeks ago I found out that the flower license I was going to use wasn't going to work out after all. I prayed about it and everything fell right into place Friday. I have a new one to use and we figured out what to do about the flowers/arch at the ceremony - oh I'm excited!!
  5. I also figured out what the centerpieces will look like, finally.
  6. Decided on a 4 p.m. ceremony.
  7. Ordered invitation envelopes. I'll order the invitations in the next two weeks.
  8. Jonathan ordered a suit to see what it looks like in person. If we like it - we'll order 3 more and then we'll be done with the guys outfits!
  9. Tentatively planned the weekend agenda.
  10. Planned what welcome baskets will have in them.
It was a happy Friday. 

I promised myself I wouldn't do any more wedding things until this coming Friday. I have the busiest school week yet coming this week.

Until then,

ps — lots of pictures to come...eventually!