Sunday, February 22, 2009

#81 Yay Caterer

FINALLY! We have a caterer. Jonathan deserves all of the credit. I totally handed him this job and he was fabulous and amazing. He did it without one hesitation and I'm so so thankful. :D

He name is Merrilee Jacobs. She, her sister, and her mother all own this vegan frozen food business called the "3 Hot Tamales."

She has catered many weddings, including Miss Little Debbie herself, and Little Debbie's brother. Anyway I'm really thrilled. She is so on top of things. She even called Nancy, the lady who runs the Fillauer Lake House and met with her to see the venue and set up. The fact that she did that just makes me even more confident that she will do a great job.

Yummy food here we come!

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