Thursday, July 31, 2008

#5 Great Web site

I found this Web site today and I absolutely love it. I recognized quite a few of these images from Martha Stewart Weddings magazines that I loaned from my friend Ansley. Anyway, turns out this lady was the "creative vision" for the magazine for 9 years. Check it. Rebecca Thuss

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

#4 The Place is Reserved. Flowers and Food coming!

Yayyy! I'm so excited that we finally decided on a location. Check my first entry - we are having it there. Did I mention that it's gorgeous?
On the agenda for Thursday:
10 am - Pay car insurance bill
11 am - Meet Ron in Cleveland and talk about flowers for the wedding
2 pm - Talk to Tara about catering
3:30 pm - Massage (gift from friend)
5:30 pm - Knockout aerobics class (yeah...if i REALLY feel ambitious after that massage)
7 pm - Going away party for Adam.

So I guess it doesn't really seem that wedding oriented, but I'm hoping to feel accomplished after Thursday. I've called numerous florists and caterers and Ron and Tara were the only truly nice people. Everyone else just wants to suck money out of my wallet. If only you could hear my experiences. They are too brutal to share. :(

As for flowers, I think I'll save money by only ordering bouqets and boutonnieres, plus any special corsages and boutonnieres. We've got family friends that have a connection with flowers so I think we'll be able get a pretty good rate on bulk flowers for center pieces. The idea is to keep it simple, yet elegant. None of that fancy flower arrangement stuff. Don't get me wrong, I think they are nice nice, but it's not quite my style. If anyone sees any cool vases pass the word on to me. :D I like this photo. A couple flowers with a fun vase. Check the flower and vase in the back of photo 2. I like the cupcakes too.

I'd like my bouquet to be all white. Now as for which flowers...I'm not sure yet. However, I know that I don't want roses and I do want something like a daisy. After all, it is my favorite flower :) Aren't these bouquets beautiful?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

#3 The Dress Is Ordered!

Yay! The dress will arrive in November. I went in to Ever After bridal today to order it and get fitted. I just LOVE the shop in Cleveland, TN. Kendra is so much fun to work with. I think she's almost as excited about the wedding as I am! Plus, I got to try on the dress again today...which is always fun.

In the meantime, our engagement party in next Thursday. I'm supposed to come up with 10 questions about Jonathan and I for people to try to answer at the party. Any ideas? I'm also going to make some announcement/save the date magnets for our guests. I'll design them, Jonathan will use to the button machines. I'm still recovering from my tennis elbow. ;)

Don't you just love these vases/flowers? It might be fun to have a various assortment of flowers at the reception. Or maybe just lining the welcome table at the ceremony. We'll see. I'll post a flowers entry here in a couple days.

Friday, July 11, 2008

#2 Bridesmaid Dresses

I'm thinking yellow. I'm realizing quickly that many dresses are incredibly expensive and few are the ones you truly can "wear again."

I saw both of these images in a blog and I loved them. Fun yellow dresses and cute flats of the girls choice! Who says all the shoes have to match? I like the idea. Saves money too.

 I'm hoping that one day I'll just be in a store and find THE dress and then I'll just buy them then and there and hope they fit. Ha. If anyone sees cute yellow dresses pleeease let me know. :D

Thursday, July 10, 2008

#1 The Place

This is week 6. I checked out this location today and it's absolutely AMAZING. I wanted to find that place that made we want to run around I was so excited. Yay! The moment I drove into the property I was in love. Beautiful green grass, white house, RED barn (eee!) Tomorrow I'll take the boy and make sure he likes it too.

The price is also very reasonable. It includes all the tables and chairs for the reception (in the barn) and includes set up fees. Pretty sure I couldn't stop texting my love all the way home.


About Me:
Once I got engaged, I realized that I've been to about as many weddings as I can count on one hand. This worried me a little (okay a lot) so I dove into the most popular resource available - the Internet. Needless to say, I found a plethora of fabulous wedding blogs and sites that I became addicted. This is week 6 of my engagement and I have multiple folders on my computer dedicated to my upcoming wedding filled with photos, menu ideas, vow ideas, and so much more.

So here I am tonight. This blog developed like this.

Me: Babe, I'm addicted to these wedding blogs.
Him: Why don't you start one of your own?
Me: Okay.

Here I am. And I'm sooo excited. I've checked these things off my list:
The dress (but I can't share too much in case the boy finds this blog)
The photographer (This really did take 6 weeks...hardest decision we'll make I bet)
and....possibly location. Which is so exciting!!! Here are the details:

We've reserved 2 places. One beautiful park in the middle of tons of land. It's got a blue spring, lush green grass, and awesome old farm cabins scattered around it. One problem - a caterer would never want to come there. Basically it's fend for your the land of simple. Electric's all we got friends.

Place number 2 is a cute bed a breakfast with a lake. It's alright, but still not everything I imagined. However, I've never really thought about my wedding day until about 6 weeks ago so I wasn't sure what I wanted. Until I found today's location.

Anyway, I'm feeling very accomplished. My goals were to get these numbers done before school starts in August:

1. Dress
2. Photographer
3. Place
4. Flowers
5. Caterer

After all that big stuff everything else will come together pretty easily.