Monday, February 16, 2009

#77 This week

I just need to type it all out and maybe it will help me sleep better.

1. Literature review
2. Contemporary Art exam
3. Read book and write book report
4. Figure out which letters to the editor to publish (I have like ten, and they won't stop coming. Ugh.)
5. Edit the Accent, then publish it
6. Finish & order invitations
7. Order photos to put in invitations
8. Buy a pretty pen to address invitations (I guess I can do this later.)
9. Find a caterer or two and compare prices
10. Turn 21 (yay!)
11. Go to work Friday
12. Sleep Friday night (finally) and greet at church Saturday morning.

And...Sunday will be a new week of to do's, but then it's spring break! 

Here is a photo to keep me going: I LOVE it.

Thanks for listening!

[image source unknown]

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