Monday, February 9, 2009

#75 Caterer canceled

I've been trying for weeks to get a hold of my caterer. Remember, the yummy food one that was going to work with my budget? Well...apperently she had been avoiding my calls and avoiding calling me back because she was afraid I was going to be upset — she has to cancel because she can't dedicate enough time to it right now.


Why couldn't she of told me this MONTHS ago?! Now I feel like I need to scramble. Finding a caterer 3 months before a May wedding in TN! (It's the best months for weddings in TN. I guess my only advantage is that we are having a Sunday wedding). Thankfully Jonathan is wonderful and is going to take care of the catering/food for me because school this semester is insane. I had NO idea it would be this much work/take up so much time. All I really want to do it look at pretty wedding pictures. :)

Hopefully the food will look like this...

If it doesn't it's ok, but isn't it pretty?

[image source unknown]

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Rebecca said...

oh, we had so many restaurant/caterer issues ourselves--whew!--and we used this photo as inspiration. it will all come together, promised!