Sunday, February 1, 2009

#73 More things done...

I'm a little sad that I can't blog as much as I'd like to. There are so many fun things happening with the wedding that I want to share but I can't seem to find many spare moments.

Anyway, long story short, last Friday was very successful.
  1. Kaitlin and Kate got their dresses fitted by Mormor :)
  2. I gave them lots of things to do because I realized I don't have much spare time - thanks girls.
  3. Jonathan and I found and purchased my wedding band! Boy is it I have to wait till May? :P
  4. A couple weeks ago I found out that the flower license I was going to use wasn't going to work out after all. I prayed about it and everything fell right into place Friday. I have a new one to use and we figured out what to do about the flowers/arch at the ceremony - oh I'm excited!!
  5. I also figured out what the centerpieces will look like, finally.
  6. Decided on a 4 p.m. ceremony.
  7. Ordered invitation envelopes. I'll order the invitations in the next two weeks.
  8. Jonathan ordered a suit to see what it looks like in person. If we like it - we'll order 3 more and then we'll be done with the guys outfits!
  9. Tentatively planned the weekend agenda.
  10. Planned what welcome baskets will have in them.
It was a happy Friday. 

I promised myself I wouldn't do any more wedding things until this coming Friday. I have the busiest school week yet coming this week.

Until then,

ps — lots of pictures to come...eventually!

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Anonymous said...

we changed it to a 5pm ceremony
and ordered a second suit to compare :p