Wednesday, August 27, 2008

#9 The Dress Round II

Okay here I am again with a new dress. Unfortunately the ones I was planning on using showed up and they were florescent yellow - no joke. Oh well, hopefully some good Ebayers will go for it.

Now...this is another J. Crew dress and it is a different color. This one is called "sour lemon" unlike the "citrus lime" that the other one was. These too are on sale: originally $250 in the weddings and parties department and now only $129.99.

So I'm debating. I'm calling J. Crew tomorrow and asking a little more about this color because this isn't something I'll buy on an impulse - too much money for that! 

I'm also feeling partly in a crunch if I really do want to get yellow dresses. All of the Fall lines are out and there are no yellow dresses anywhere. I could wait until next Spring but that makes me a little nervous. Plus...when I saw this was on sale I got really excited because I've thought it was adorable from the get go earlier this Spring. Not to mention...I think it matches my dress better than anything I've been considering yet!

Anyway...comments are always appreciated. :)

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