Tuesday, September 9, 2008

#15 Dress update

I'm just going to praise J. Crew some more.

So I checked my email this weekend I saw that J. Crew was having a sale, plus an additional 20% off. I went and checked the bridesmaids dresses and they had dropped in price from $129.99 so $99.99 plus an additional 20% off. Eeeek! I was so excited and frantic trying to figure out how to get the deal. Call J. Crew and ask? Return the dresses and reorder under a different name? Help!

Anyway with the help of Kaitlin she encouraged me to call and just ask J. Crew if they would refund me the difference. Well I did and the lady was so nice! I told her the situation and she said "Let me see what I can do" and put me on hold for a bit. She came back and said usually she can only refund me the difference after 7 days (it had been 8) but that she'd do it for me this time. Yay!

So we got the dresses for $80 plus shipping and tax. Thank you J. Crew I love you. So easy to work with. So helpful. Such pretty dresses. I couldn't be happier.

Well...I am getting married so I really couldn't be any happier right now! Yay!

K off to bed and school. I'll try to do some wedding things here on the side..in the mean time I like these photos. I LOVE yellow.

Oh, and Jonathan is working on a fabulous surprise. I'll give you a hint...it's going to be yellow!


Anonymous said...

yay for awesome dresses for even cheaper! hehe. Love the yellow socks and shoes!

Katie said...

Hey Moni! I got my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses at J.Crew, too. I LOVED it! I definitely am a J.Crew supporter. :-)