Thursday, September 18, 2008

#20 MC & bikes

Hello! I survived another week of school. Yes! You should visit my newspaper's website. Then you can see what actually takes up all my time these days...Jonathan and I decided that for our reception, we are going to have an iPod rockin station and skip the DJ or band. It's too much money for our budget, and we'd rather spend it on something else at the wedding. I knew that if we went this route, we were going to need to find a smashing MC to host the reception for us. I feel like I've spent months thinking about the perfect person and then the other night it dawned on me. There is no one better to host our wedding that Zach. He is funny, knows the drill, and has experience (This will be his 4th wedding MC job - I didn't even know we choose an experienced one! Haha). Anyway, I feel better knowing that our reception is in good hands. :) Doesn't he look like he fits the part? I hope he's okay with me posting this. Well guys, meet Zach, our fabulous MC.

On another note, fiance has picked up blogging. I thought about featuring him in various posts but now he has beaten me to it with a blog of his own! Check it out. His other interest is definitely bikes. He helped get me a beautiful cruiser for my birthday this year and soon after we got engaged I made this. It's similar to another save the date card floating around online somewhere. We never sent it out, at least we haven't yet. We'll see if it fits into the budget.

Anyway, since that card fiance has spun off into the land of bikes. He has been rebuilding/painting this super sweet 1960s tandem bike for us to ride away on (so stoked about this part). Check his blog for details and I'll try to post a photo or two once it gets finished...or maybe it will be a surprise? Eh we'll see. It might just be too cool to keep a surprise.

Here are a few bike photos that make me so so happy.


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Anonymous said...

such cute pictures!!! can't wait to see what yours are going to look like! Yay for zach mcing.

Nicole said...

omg moe, i love the save the date card you made!! It's so adorable!!