Sunday, September 21, 2008

#22 The Registry Starts

We've registered! Well at least we started the process. We headed over to Bed Bath & Beyond today and went to town with the scanner. How fun! We mostly registered for kitchen things. We'll do bedding and towels somewhere else, so there is some variety. We also still need to find some nice dinnerware that we like. We did find some flatware we liked though. I just figured we had time today, and it feels good to get another thing done...started anyway. I think the boy had fun too.

Our BB&B Bridal Registry

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Brianna said...

yay! exciting! so, i think that you should go to south america (argentina or brasil) for your honeymoon b/c it's inexpensive and really nice...just talk to leslie! and my roommate thinks you should go to iceland b/c she's been and she loved it! she said it is beautiful and a good place to spend time outdoors.