Monday, November 24, 2008

#50 Engagement Photos I

We were so excited we could barely wait. We opened our box to this beautiful engagement album (pardon the glare from flash).

We had so much fun with Ray & Erica and the wedding can only go better! I think we got all of our camera-shyness out of us.

Here are some of our awesome photos! Lets call these our "traditional" ones. Keep checking back the next couple days for more pictures and different syles.

Also, please leave a comment listing your favorite one - to help us decide which ones send out with invites! My favorites from this set are #3 and #5.





[photos courtesy of ray & erica tisdale of 35atl]


( j i ) * said...

love them.
but #5 is it ♥

An Atlanta Bride said...

I know this comment comes late but I just stumbled across your blog! I love the picture of the 2 of you on the train tracks!!