Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#59 To do

School is officially done for the semester and off I go to California tomorrow. I hope to find time to catch up on wedding plans.

The goals are to:
1. Create invitations
2. Come up with food ideas/options
3. Maybe find new shoes...I keep having this reoccurring dream that I hate the girls' shoes. Maybe they are too pink? I don't feel like pink is really a favorite of mine, at least not the color they are. Don't get me wrong I really like them, but I'm starting to think of perhaps more of a red. Shortly after we got engaged I was enjoying dinner at a friends out and saw a bouquet of red and yellow gerber daisies (my favorite flowers). I was immediately inspired but somehow the color red fell out of the picture and morphed into raspberry...then pink? Maybe this Christmas I'll do some awesome outlet shopping and find pretty red flats for my girls. We'll see.
4. Create the vision for the flowers at the ceremony and reception.

This seems ambitious, but then again we are only 5 months out. :D

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