Monday, May 11, 2009

#97 Thoughts

We are 6 days out. I'm getting more and more excited. Kaitlin has been wonderful helping Jonathan and I get the house ready for me to move in. Jonathan has two more days of work and then he is done..until June! Woot. Costa Rica here we come.

On the wedding side, I found a make up person and I have somewhat of a dance mix. I'm still working on the programs (I'm waiting on music titles) and the favors are just and just need to be printed and made.

Oh! And we had a dance lesson. It was fabulous. We've been practicing I just hope we don't get too shy the day of.

I'm feeling really great about things. Not too stressed. There are things to be done but I still have a week and fabulous help. Please pray for sunshine. :)

Woo hoo!

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( j i ) * said...

Moooo!! Today was your wedding day! I'm sad I missed it.. I know it was fabulous and better than you'd planned! So excited for you and Jonathan! Best wishes to both of you.. have a blast on your honeymoon!! ♥♥