Tuesday, September 23, 2008

#25 Help!

My vendor called yesterday regarding out wedding site. We have the place reserved for our day, with an agreement that we can have the rehearsal Friday or Saturday. She called me yesterday and told me that there is another girl who wants to renew her vows on May 16, the day before our wedding. She said it's up to me, since I get first dibs. The lady who runs the lake house has done this before and she said it usually runs smoothly. There are a few pros and cons to this situation and I need help.

PRO: If I let her share the weekend, we can share the price of chair rentals, which would save about 100. It may even save us more money if she is using the paper lanterns in the barn (this would save $50 if we split).

CON: If we did this, we would ONLY be able set up on Sunday. No Friday or Sunday set up since she will be there before the boy and me.

Doesn't seem so bad...but is it nice to be able to set up the day before? I'm not sure how much set up there will and I'm not sure there will even be time to set up before. Has anyone been through this route and have advice? Please help!


jeffreyz said...

i think there are a couple other questions we need answered before making a suggestion:
1. what time will the wedding start on sunday?
2. do any other vendors need access to the venue prior to the wedding? will they all be ok with sunday morning access only?
3. how much decorating will you need to do in the morning?
4. do you have a wedding coordinator or someone that is helping to manage all this so you wont have to on sunday morning?

Laraie said...

I think it is great that you could share it with her, but it's your weekend and you reserved the place before she did and it was agreed that you could set up and everything before. Good luck!