Wednesday, September 24, 2008

#27 Dad

Today marks a year since my dad's passing. I know that if he were still around today, he would have so much advice and suggestion for my wedding. So today, in honor of my dad I'm going to start a tradition. 

Each year, on this day, I will do two things:

#1 I will give my car some good love.
He gave me the bug and he always loved cars. I have fond memories of washing cars with him and watching him enjoy those pieces of art.

#2 I will bake something new. 
During his years of treatment he developed a real love for cooking. I think he always enjoyed cooking, but there was something about that time that made him really want to give. He was never able to enjoy the food through taste (due to his feeding tube), but he enjoyed it through smell and giving. I wasn't sure how to think of this day, but now I'm excited to bake and cook things I've never made before, in honor of my best friend.

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ReneEss said...

i'm finally catching up on your blog and I totally affirm these newly established traditions. Much love!