Sunday, October 5, 2008

#31 Honeymoon planning

I decided that I didn't want to know where we are going...and instead have it be a surprise. (After all, surprises are always more fun aren't they?) I have a hunch where we might be going, but really I have no idea. I'm not sure he knows exactly where yet either :P But honestly...I'm just excited to spend a week away with my soon-to-be husband! Eeek!

Thanks for everyone who voted in the polls. Here are the results!

1. Caribbean   (6 votes)
1. Iceland (6 votes)
2. Australia (5 votes)
3. Thailand (4 votes)
4. Hungary (2 votes)
5. Hawaii (1 vote)

The "other" section received 4 votes. Places included Greece and this neat place at the Grand Canyon that is sometimes overlooked.

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