Sunday, October 5, 2008

#30 Flowers

I've been searching and praying that something will come through with the flowers. After talking with some florists and my cousin who is a florist, I quickly realized this is an area where  I can save lots of money as long as I have the manpower to help out.

Anyway, I was riding bikes with some friends yesterday and my dear friend Shannon said that she and her husband were trying to think of something really nice to give us for our wedding since Jonathan can find just about anything for a better price (love that :D). So she and Steve came up with the idea to grow us a garden of flowers for our wedding! She works at an organic farm downtown and has access to lots of brilliant growing minds plus herself. She said she had been doing a lot of research and got really excited about it. Her only worry is that since we are getting married in mid May...the flower season may or may not have kicked off yet. In this case...she asked around.

The company who she works for has a wholesale license and offered to let her use it to buy flowers. So in that case...we can buy them wholesale if we need to! YAY!  I looked up the wholesale florist in Chattanooga and they are open from 7-3:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Looks like I'll be making a trip down there sometime soon to see how everything works.

Either way - I'm really excited. We could potentially have a field full of beautiful flowers for our wedding...or a wholesale license to purchase flowers at the best rate.

I know there is hesitancy in doing your own flowers, but I can't see why we should pay so much when we have great resources amongst our friends and family. Like I said before, a few have already offered to take control on this part of the venture. Now I have good news for them too!

The boy's grandmother also offered to do some research for me at Sam's Club and see how that works with order flowers. She was in there the other day and said a lady was buying tons of flowers for a wedding. I've also read online that Sam's is a good place to go.

I'm not sure about bouquets yet. I go back and forth about having a professional do those. We'll see.

This link was helpful. It talks about what to look for when buying wholesale flowers.
As was this entry from a blog I follow.

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