Monday, October 20, 2008

#35 Engagement Photos Preview

All I have to say is Ray & Erica are amazing. We had such a great time. We met for coffee/tea right before the shoot and then went and ate dinner at Aretha Frankenstein's. Yum...

Here is a preview. Also, check out the entry at their blog here. More to come in 2 weeks!


rika said...

i love the pictures! especially the first one. i think it captured you guys so adorably. how did jonathon do with getting his pic taken? did he loosen up and have fun? looks like you found some good locations after all.

( j i ) * said...

these are so cute!
i'm so glad 35 atl worked out for you guys [:
i miss you!
looks like your wedding plans are coming along fabulously. let me know if you need help with anything! i'd love to help.. plus it'll be an excuse to see you more often [: