Wednesday, November 12, 2008

#42 Really now...

When I posted my last post, I forgot that I had the newspaper last night and a final this morning. (A final already! I know! But hey...that means I'm done with the class. No more class on Friday now...more time to work on wedding?)

That's what those balloons are for. Pure joy. My paper is done, the newspaper is finished, and I did well on my sales final. :D

The wedding updates will start rolling into today/this evening, have no fear! 
Including the dates...dress...and more!

Thank you to all my faithful viewers. It makes me happy to know you take a couple moments out of your busy day to see how those plans are coming. :)

[photo courtesy of flickr via oh joy!]


Anonymous said...

The shoes for us will be found as well as ties that will look amazing! It is fun to watch you pull it all together and create that special day that is coming soon.I cant wait for the cake, date, dress, and more either! Love you. Keep working hard!

( j i ) * said...

i saw ridiculously beautiful yellow shoes with a flower on top (all yellow) at a jcrew store and i thought of you and wondered if you'd seen them yet!
they're a bit pricey but inpirational nonetheless [;

moeblis said...

Ah! Gorgeous indeed Ji, thank you. But...I already found some amazing ones! See the next post. :)