Wednesday, November 12, 2008

#43 Pretty Yellow Shoes

Here are the shoes! Aren't they fabulous? They are a wonderful yellow and I love the style. They are a smidgen bit too big - but I ran around in them (literally) and they didn't fall off. I'm more like a 8.25, not quite an 8.5. Too bad they don't make that size. Anyway I love them and I'm keeping them.

The girls are I are still looking for shoes for them. Haven't had too much luck...we aren't quite sure what color. I think I should just bring back the raspberry idea and have the girls where pretty satiny redish-pink shoes.

Lemon and raspberry, why not? Looks delish! Just think of all the yummies we could have at the reception...

I was REALLY hoping to do an all yellow & white theme, but the more I look into things (clothing, flowers...) I feel like I need another color. It wouldn't be a main color however, but a splash here and there.

Actually, I just looked online again and found my shoes in pink and white! I'll talk to my ladies. :)

Jonathan and I are heading to California after Christmas for a few days to see some family & friends. Maybe some of the girls are I can go shopping and find some fab shoes for a great price if these don't work.

Anyway, I feel really good about these shoes. They are just my style (I can't believe I have to wait 6 months to wear them...maybe just around the house? :P) and I stayed well within budget - only $30 shipped! I love sales.

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