Monday, November 24, 2008

#47 Dress update

Kaitlin, Mormor came with me to try on the dress last month. :D

All I can say it that is was....

FIT LIKE A GLOVE. (minus the length and such...)

As I was zipping it up (with the help of the lovely girls at Ever After Bridal) Kaitlin popped her head inside the dressing room and smiled. I looked up at her, smiled back, and then I saw her start to tear up. It was very sweet and made me feel even happier that I picked the dress. The only downside is that if she's already tearing up I have no idea how this wedding will go. I'm bad enough already worried I'll end up being a sap ball at the ceremony...hence the fact I may not write my own vows...even though i might...but more on that some other time. :)

Then again, I thought for sure I'd cry when Jonathan asked me to marry him. To my surprise, I just screamed with joy the rest of the way down the river and I couldn't stop hugging him (or turning around to look at him as we canoed) or looking at that ring! :D I think my only concern was dropping that bling in the water. Oh man did my cheeks hurt. A good hurt though. I don't think I've ever experienced soreness from smiling so much.

Mormor has offered to make the veil. I tried a couple different ones on with the dress and I think we know what will go best. Pretty simple, but nice. At first I was hesitant about wearing a veil because every one that I've tried on has looked funny. Now I know why - they always put it like on the top of my head. No bueno. I moved it down just behind my head, so it was lower on my head and it was quite nice. Now I just need to find a nice sparkly barrette.

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