Wednesday, November 19, 2008

#46 Exercise

I've been waiting for months for the Wellness Center to open at school. When I was in high school I used to go to the gym with my best friend Leslie on a weekly bases. Go YMCA! We had a great routine down and we loved it. After we graduated high school we stopped going and traveled to our respective colleges (her Washington, me Tennessee). We reunited that next summer when I lived with her and her family. Introduce Turbo Jam.

It is amazing. Chalene Johnson became our hero and we were addicted. We even considered becoming instructors (I think we both still have that dream...)

Chalene still is my hero but I don't have enough room anywhere to jump around - nor do I find the time. I guess I'm lazy? Plus I was still taking my hand/elbow easy (more on that in a minute).

I got a free 30-day pass to the Rush (a workout center here in TN) this summer and I went very regularly. I was hooked on those aerobics classes: yoga, step, kick boxing... I'd been wanting to check out this "Turbo Kick" class and I didn't get around to it until my last free week. Anyway, it's Turbo Jam, but the live version. I almost joined the Rush just to go to that.

Well I decided not to get the membership because I knew the Wellness Center at school would be opening soon and I figured I'd save some $$$.

Well...two-and-a-half months later (jeepers) the Wellness Center is open and I'm determined to get back on a regular routine. My friend Laurel and I have been walking in the mornings but it has gotten much too cold for that. Plus, I really enjoy running on an elliptical and working my arms, legs, and stomach until they burn (haha). So it's open and I'm excited. They have personal trainers on staff at all hours so you can always get a little direction or focus if needed, at no extra cost. How awesome is that! Arms and back? Prepared to be toned.

About that injury...
Earlier this year I experienced tennis-elbow due to my side business (visit here), and was out all together from doing anything with my hand/elbow. Even using a mouse was painful. I was worried for my future career. Lifting weights or doing push ups like I used to do was way out of the question. After 10 months of resting, I've slowly started using it again. I can't believe it's lasted this long, but I still have to be careful. No resting my elbow on a table anymore that's for sure.

In August I found this site, and Jonathan got hooked. I tried it too, but I elbow wasn't ready yet. At least in the gym I can work my way back up.

Maybe if I'm really dedicated I'll post my progress/routine. For now, my goal is to go three times a week. This is week 3 and so far so good! Plus I'm playing volleyball which is really fun. Our team rocks.

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