Saturday, November 15, 2008

#45 Registry part II

We spent the day in Atlanta today. It was really nice. The weather was on the rainy side so it was nice to be indoors. We first went to Ikea and got a bed frame and some night stands. I'm really excited about that. We also picked out some items for our future living room...but we are saving that for the next trip.

Afterwards we went over to Crate & Barrel and registered for some more stuff. I was initially hoping to register for linens and plates, but we didn't get much past the kitchen. We were there for a long time...everything is so beautiful! It was nice because it turns out we have a smiliar style  and taste. :) We found some plates that we love and this really sweet wood salad bowl. It's gorgeous!

Amongst other fun kitchen items we deceided to head back to C&B after the holidays, as many of their linens and such are seasonal.

In the meantime...see what else we like. Visit our registry here.

Happy weekend!

[photos courtesy of crate & barrel]

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