Friday, March 6, 2009

#86 Flower Update

Thursday I went down to the wholesale flower mart in Chattanooga with Lisa. It was really fun. I got a better idea about flowers and bought some pretty ribbons. After looking at alstroemerias, cali lilies, tulips, wax flowers, star gazer lilies, football mums and so much more...I headed over to Fresh Market for more bouquet inspiration. Then, I found this bouquet.

Simple and yet so pretty and all the perfect colors. Here are all the different flowers separately. I think the white daisies would look really pretty all by themselves in a vase.

I think I'll end up using these for some centerpieces. We'll see though. :) Here are the pretty satin ribbons I bought. I got 50 yards of the pink and yellow and 25 of the little yellow (for corsages and such) for only $35. What a steal.

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