Wednesday, March 4, 2009

#84 Poster Print Giveaway!

One of the best things about reading blogs (and writing one) is the giveaways. Remember that bridal emergency kit I won a few months ago? Well guess what, I get to host my very first giveaway!

Online Poster Printing has offered to give away 1 Poster Print (16x20) to 1 lucky I'm A Wedding Newbie reader! Think of all the possibilities—wedding photos, engagement photos, family photos—the ideas are endless!  Poster prints can make any photo look fabulous!

To enter:
Leave me a comment below telling me what you would do with your poster print if you win. You could tell me which photo you would have printed, where you would hang it, who you would give it to as a gift, or whatever you'd like to share. Make sure you include a valid e-mail address in the comment so I know who to contact. This contest will run until next Thursday, March 12 and the winner will be announced next Friday, March 13. Contestants outside of the US/CAN must pay shipping if they are chosen as a winner.

Good luck!

[photo/logo courtesy of Online Poster Printing]


Laraie said...

If I was to win the poster, I would hang it in my new room. I am currently redecorating and am in need of new pieces of art. The theme of the room is Parisian Audrey Hepburn. Classic black and white pictures in a blue room. I would hang the poster centered above my ceder chest opposite of my bed.
This is the picture that I would want. Only in black and white.
My email address is:

Rika said...

Wow-what a cool idea! Um, please let me win the poster!

I have a ton of pictures from my trip to europe two summers ago and have one unbelievable photo from atop the Notre Dame of the moon overlooking the river above the rooftop taken with a wide-agle lens. It's wildly brilliant with blues and greens of the twilight city of Paris. I think I would put it in my room, to always inspire me to see the world. Oh, and to inspire me to print more pictures to enjoy more often, since I NEVER do that. Thanks Monika!

morrisster said...

I pretty much need to win this contest so I can print a picture of my friend and his fiancee to give it to them as a gift - ha.
pick me because its not some made-up story :p

morrisster at gmail dot com

kristopher | haughton said...

i'm pretty sure that i could dig out something from my portfolio that i could print that would be AWESOME for looking at..


[ ]

Caitlyn said...

My husband and I just got married and I would love to have our wedding portrait printed to be hung in our small apartment now, but hopefully once we buy a house, I would love it to hang there.

Katers said...

Three words: bear! hunter! ninja!

Tamara said...

i have a lot of pictures from travel and from photoshoots... i could give a poster away as a gift, maybe to steph and michael as a wedding gift of one of their engagement photos... or have one of my pictures of europe for my room, its got a vintage type theme.. i think this contest is a great idea! very cool =)

email is:

Rainey said...

Even though we've been good friends for two years now, my roommate and I realized that we have almost no photos together! This Spring Break was the first time we got some great shots of us dancing at Disney World and splashing around at the beach. Next year she is planning on staying home in Oregon and going to community college. I would love to be able to give her a large print of us having a great time so that she can have a memory of our friendship.

jeffreyz said...

what a great idea!

if i win this contest i am sure i would go and take courses in underwater/scuba photography and then travel to the great barrier reef, perhaps to whitsundays, and take lots of photos of wonky holes and crown-of-thorns starfish, then take some photoshop classes and learn to apply a bunch of digital filters to all my photos and make a huge collage arranged in the form of john mccain or maybe alan greenspan, then i would print it and put it in my eight year olds' room, on the ceiling above his bed.

or maybe i would just make a nice print of the kids and put in my office...

either way i hope i win!

jeffreyz said...